Since around april 2010,  it has been my  privilege to work closely with Alex Garland, Peter Travis, Anthony Dod Mantle, Marc Digby, Andrew Macdonald, Allon Reich and the DNA Film production team on DREDD. I had read 2000ad as a young lad in scotland so was very keen to be involved in this project. The production and  whole vfx team involved at primefocus film have done a great job in bringing the Dredd character back to life!


My role as DREDD vfx Art Director began with producing pre- production art work directly from script, and working right through the whole production to the very last vfx 'final' on the film. In that time i was also responsible for building and supervising the in house  art dept  and matte painting crew. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore designs, pretty much with a blank canvas. The designs, concepts and finished vfx shots shown here are a selection of the work that I produced over a two year period. Much of the work  shows the progression of early design, right through to finished VFX on some of the main establishing shots in the film. These include the  MEGA CITY ONE designs, including Peach Trees, and Peach Trees (inner) ATRIUM.

Other key designs shown here are some exploration of sequence look-dev, including Anderson esp/inside head. The subtle slow mo skin iridescence; some Dredd props, the detailing of a robotic eye,  and also  the new DREDD eagle logo which is used throughout the film, but is  most visible large in the end titles.

Dredd has been an exciting, rewarding and emotional experience for me. 

Sadly,  towards the end of my time  on Dredd, i  lost both my mother and father. Im sure Dredd is probably not a film either would have rushed out to see, but neverthless were always supportive. Id like to dedicate my efforts to them.